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sorry genosse

Sorry Genosse

94 min | Documentary | Arri & Canon & Panasonic Digital | Color | 2.39:1 Aspect Ratio | Germany 2022

Directed by Vera Maria Brückner

Produced by Nordpolaris GbR / HFF Munich / BR

Director of Photography Felix Pflieger

Montage Sophie Oldenbourg

Gaffer Benedikt Haas & Philipp Slaboch

A Nordpolaris Production

*72. INTERNATIONALE FILMFESTSPIELE BERLIN* – Official Selection – Perspektive Deutsches Kino

sorry genosse2023-05-13T20:34:12+02:00



9 min 30 sec | Short | Arri Alexa65 Digital | Color | 2.76:1 Aspect Ratio | Germany 2022

Directed by Anna Roller

Written by Anna Roller & Maya Duftschmid

Produced by Melissa Byrne

Director of Photography Felix Pflieger

Gaffer Florian Strandl & Benedikt Haas

Steadicam Felix Lang

Colorist Ze Maria Abreu Santos

An Allergikerfilm Production

*DEUTSCHER KURZFILMPREIS 2021* – **WINNER** – Bester Spielfilm bis 10 Minuten

*43. FILMFESTIVAL MAX OPHÜLS PREIS* – Official Selection




Short | RED Digital | Color | 2.39:1 Aspect Ratio | Germany 2021

Written & Directed by Miriam Goeze

Produced by Katharina Kolleczek & Lea Neu

Director of Photography Felix Pflieger

Gaffer Alexander Helff

1st AC Daniel Müller & Franziska Hurm

A HFF München Production



Official Selection




levi’s – just live

Levi’s – Just Live

Spot | Digital s35 / 16mm / 8mm | Color | multiple Aspect Ratios | Germany 2021

Directed by Linda Klinkhammer & Annika Franke

Produced by Franklin Films, Linda Klinkhammer & Annika Franke

Director of Photography Felix Pflieger

1st AC Franziska Hurm

Gaffer Philipp Slaboch

*Spotlight Award 2021* – Student Bronze

*Andy Awards 2021* – Student Shortlist

*Clio Awards 2021* – Student Bronze

*Deutscher Werbefilmpreis 2021* – Newcomer Top Ten

*ADC Young Ones 2021* – Gold Cube (Filmcraft), Merit (Advertising)

*New York Festivals Advertising Awards 2021* – Bronze (Film), Bronze (Direction), Finalist (Editing)

*Berlin fashion Film Festival 2021* – Shortlist

*Berlin Commercial Award 2021* – Shortlist (Cultural Impact), Shortlist (New Generation)

*Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards 2021* – Silver (Corporate Filme)

*CommAwards 2021* – Gold (Film)

levi’s – just live2022-01-25T12:04:06+02:00

i care

I care

Short | Alexa Digital | Color | 3:2 Aspect Ratio | Germany

Directed by Michael Ciesielski

Written by Michael Ciesielski & Maya Duftschmid

Produced by Tanja & Andreas Schmidbauer

Director of Photography Felix Pflieger & Florian Strandl

Gaffer Florian Strandl

A Schmidbauer Film & HFF München Production

i care2022-01-27T19:28:42+02:00

forbidden beauty

Forbidden Beauty

Spot | Panasonic S1H & InfraTec Thermo Camera | Color | 1.33:1 Aspect Ratio | Germany 2020

Written & Directed by Susanne Steinmassl

Director of Photography Felix Pflieger

Set Design Louis Panizza

Costume Claudia Irro & Julia Riederer

Music Angela Aux & Beni Bartellow

Hair & MakeUp Sabrina Reuschl

1st AC Franziska Hurm

Gaffer Philipp Slaboch

Color Grading Ze Maria Abreu Santos

Editing Susanne Steinmassl & Aaron Arens

Sound Mixing Andrew Mottl

Set Runner Lukas Röder

Set Photography Stephie Braun

Rental KLT GmbH

Producer Susanne Steinmassl

Production Assistant Isabella Wolf

Produced by Inselgruppe

*24. SPOTLIGHT FESTIVAL* – Fachjury Awards 2021 – Kategorie TV & Kino – **WINNER** – Student Silber 

forbidden beauty2022-01-25T12:04:27+02:00



Short | Alexa Digital | Color | 2.39:1 Aspect Ratio | Germany 2020

Directed by Annelie Boros

Written by Timo Baer

Director of Photography Felix Pflieger

Colorgrading by Ze Maria Abreu Santos

A HFF München & Kinescope Production


yallah habibi

Yallah Habibi

Short | Alexa Digital | Color | 2:1 Aspect Ratio | Germany 2019

18-year-old Elaha wants to move out. Immediately! She spends her daylight hours fighting with her mom about cleaning up. At night she works in the club to save up to move together with her best friend/co-worker Ina. Mom doesn‘t know and this time dad can‘t help Elaha out. With her quick-wittedness she confronts the endless questions about her origins. It‘s her parents who came from Afghanistan. Not her.

Directed by Mahnas Sarwari

Written by Mahnas Sarwari & Anja Scharf

Produced by Anabella Peiffer

Director of Photography Felix Pflieger

Gaffer Christian Eberwein & Michael Ciesielski

Steadicam Felix Lang

Colorgrading by Ze Maria Abreu Santos

A HFF München Production

*21. LANDSHUTER KURZFILMFESTIVAL 2020* – Official Selection

*FILMFESTIVAL DRESDEN* – Official Selection – **WINNER** – Publikumspreis


yallah habibi2022-01-27T19:44:17+02:00

The Tender Spot

The Tender Spot

Short | 16mm | Color | 1.66:1 Aspect Ratio | Germany 2019

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I Accept


Der junge Callboy Julian wird eines Abends von der distanzierten Anett in ihre opulente Wohnung gerufen.
Aus dem ersten Abtasten der beiden entwickelt sich ein Machtspiel, das seinen Sieger sucht.



Written & directed by Michael Ciesielski

Creative Producer Emilia Möbus

Director of Photography Felix Pflieger

1st AC Tobias Blickle

Gaffer Philipp Slaboch

Finishing Artist Ze Maria Abreu Santos

A HFF München Production


The Tender Spot2021-10-10T18:29:46+02:00

die letzten kinder im paradies

Die letzten Kinder im Paradies

Short | Alexa Digital | Color | 1.33:1 Aspect Ratio | Germany 2019

In the countryside, siblings Leah and Theo live with their grandmother in an isolated farmhouse. But it’s when their grandmother suddenly dies, and the two kids find themselves completely on their own, that Leah – on the brink of puberty – has her first encounter with the opposite sex. We watch as Leah struggles to cope with being the woman of the house, and we see her torn between taking responsibility for her brother, and being thrust into womanhood. As a thunderstorm approaches and, along with it, a group of troublesome teenagers, Leah and Theo’s paradise is threatened to be destroyed forever.

Directed by Anna Roller

Written by Anna Roller & Wouter Wirth

Produced by Mahnas Sarwari & Adrian von der Borch

Director of Photography Felix Pflieger

1st AC Alexander Mitzler

Gaffer Philipp Slaboch

Production Design Lena Müller & Luisa Rauschert

Costume Design Linda Wagner

Colorgrading by Ze Maria Abreu Santos

A HFF München Production

*ENERGA CAMERIMAGE* – Official Selection in Competition (Student Etudes) – **WINNER** – Bronze Tadpole Award

*DEUTSCHER KAMERAPREIS 2020* – **WINNER** – Nachwuchspreis – Official Selection in Competition (Newcomers) – Link zur Online-Preisverleihung

*40. FILMFESTIVAL MAX OPHÜLS PREIS* – World Premiere and Official Selection in Competition (Medium Length Film)

*FLIMMERN&RAUSCHEN* – Out of Competition

*20. LANDSHUTER KURZFILM FESTIVAL* – Official Selection in Competition (Germany-Austria-Switzerland)

*9. CA’ FOSCARI SHORT FILM FESTIVAL* – Official Selection in Competition (International) – **WINNER** – Special Jury Award

*FiSH! FESTIVAL IM STADTHAFEN ROSTOCK* – Official Selection in Competition

*filmreif! – BUNDESFESTIVAL JUNGER FILM 2019* – Official Selection in Competition – **WINNER** – Best Director: Anna Roller

*54. WERKSTATT DER JUNGEN FILMSZENE* – Official Selection in Competition (International)

*19. WENDLAND SHORTS* – Official Selection in Competition

*54. KARLOVY VARY INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL* – Future Frames – Out of Competition

*26. OPENEYES FILMFEST* – Official Selection

*RANDFILMFEST* – Official Selection in Competition

*BRNO16* – Official Selection in Competition

*FILMZ – FESTIVAL DES DEUTSCHEN KINOS* – Official Selection in Competition

*19. INTERNATIONAL FILM SCHOOLS FESTIVAL AWARD – URUGUAY* – Official Selection in Competition – **WINNER** – Best Fiction Film by the Professional Jury – **WINNER** – Special Mention by the Students Jury

*INTERFILM 35TH INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL BERLIN* – Out of Competition (Special 30 Minute Program)

*CA’FOSCARI SHORT FILM FESTIVAL II (AZERBAIJAN)* – Official Selection in Competition (International)

*BLICKE 2019* – Official Selection in Competition

*FURORA FESTIVAL* – Official Selection


*1ST. CHILDREN CARE FILM FESTIVAL* – Official Selection in Competition

*Global University Film Awards (GUFA) 2020* – Official Selection in Competition



*FRAUENWOCHEN 2020* – 20.03. ab 19h in der Kulturfabrik in der Dorstener Str. 17, Bochum

*ZLIN DOG* – International Student Film Competition in live-action

*BIG SHORT AWARD* – Official Selection – Shortlist

die letzten kinder im paradies2022-01-25T12:05:26+02:00
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